Shanghai Phoenix is a global supplier of RF/Microwave connector and cable assembly products serving aerospace, instrumentation, medical, and telecommunications markets. Our core product expertise includes blindmate contacts and connectors and is supported by global manufacturing in four strategic country locations.  Customers rely upon our global sales and application teams to assist with connector and cable selection to optimize performance, service and cost.


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Cable Assemblies 877kb
D-Subminiature Combination Connector Housings 1022kb
D-Subminiature Combination Connector Hardware & Options 1.55mb
D-Subminiature Combination Circuit Board - Coax 2.15mb
D-Subminiature Combination Circuit Board - Power 2.07mb
PkZ? Blindmate Contacts 26 Series 1mb
PkZ? Contacts - 56 Series 213kb
Adapters 939kb
Appendix "A" 1.15mb