Terms and Conditions of Sale



(Shanghai Phoenix Communication & Technology Co., Ltd.

Herein called "Phoenix")


(上海菲尼克斯通訊技術有限公司, 以下簡稱 "菲尼克斯")

1. Any difference between the order and instructions submitted by Buyer shall be deemed to have been waived by Buyer in favor of Phoenix's terms and conditions upon Buyer's failure to object in writing within 10 days after receipt of acknowledgment; stenographic and clerical errors are subject to correction. No waiver, alterations or modifications of any of the provisions of these terms and conditions shall be valid unless signed by an authorized representative. Failure of Phoenix to object to modifications or additional conditions inserted in any order from Buyer shall not be construed as a waiver of this Condition of Sale, nor as an acceptance of any such modification or additional condition inserted. All orders are subject to acceptance at our office at address of Shanghai Phoenix Communication & Technology Co., Ltd., which is: No. 569 XuHua Road, XuJing Town, Shanghai.

1.依據菲尼克斯的條款規定, 買方在收到確認后10 天內未以書面形式提出定單與其要求的 分歧,則視為買方主動放棄, 筆誤應以改正后為準。對此銷售條款的刪除、變更及修改必 須經授權代表簽字,否則無效。若菲尼克斯由于疏忽未反對買方修改及添加條款,則表示菲 尼克斯并未放棄此銷售條款,并未接受所做的修改及添加。 所有的定單以上海菲尼克斯通 訊技術有限公司, 地址為上海市青浦區徐華路569 號處接受為準。

2. Notwithstanding any statement of terms or time payments appearing on the face of this order, Phoenix reserves the right to require payment in advance of shipment or to ship C.O.D. it is agreed that title to and the right to possession of any article not fully paid for at time of delivery to Buyer, shall be retained by and remain in Phoenix until said purchase price is fully paid. Quotations automatically expire 30 calendar days from the date issued and can be terminated prior thereto by notice from Phoenix within such period. This quotation is based upon the quantity and shipping schedule specified on the reverse hereof. All prices quoted are based upon current costs to Phoenix of materials and outside services; such prices are subject to increase if such costs are increased. Quantity prices are based on releases by Buyer within 90 days. Phoenix shall also retain a lien on any tools, molds, inserts or components owned by Buyer and in possession of Phoenix until full payment of Buyer's account.

2.盡管定單中規定支付條款或分期付款,菲尼克斯仍有權要求買方提前付款或貨到付款。雙 方同意交貨后買方未完全付清貨款前菲尼克斯仍保留對產品的所有權。報價自發布之日起 30 天后自動失效,也可由菲尼克斯在此期間提前通知終止。報價依據數量及規定的交貨期 而定,所有的報價依據菲尼克斯當前的原料成本和外部服務成本計算,若該成本增長,則價 格也會相應提高。報價依據的數量以買方90 天內所提供的數量為準。買方全部付清貨款前, 菲尼克斯對買方存放在菲尼克斯的所有的工具、模具、插件或元件享有留置權。

3. All shipment will be made in accordance with the instructions contained in Buyer's purchase order. If such instructions are changed, all additional shipping or handling charges will be borne by Buyer. In the absence of shipping instructions, Phoenix reserves the right to use its own discretion when routing.

3.所有的出貨將根據買方采購定單的要求制定,如有變動,則所有額外的運費及裝卸費均 由買方承擔。如買方對裝運無要求,則菲尼克斯有權自行安。

4. Phoenix's policy is to earnestly endeavor to comply with the requests of its customers respecting deliveries. All shipments of articles to be made under any order shall be subject to government priorities or allocations in effect from time to time. Phoenix shall under no circumstances be responsible for failure to fill any order or orders when due to fires, floods, riots, strikes, freight embargoes or transportation delays, shortage of labor, fuel, material, supplies or power, acts of God or of the public enemy, any existing or future laws or acts of the central or local government (including specifically but not exclusively, any orders, rules or regulations issued by any official or agency of any such government) affecting the conduct of Phoenix's business, or to any other cause beyond Phoenix's reasonable control.

4. 菲尼克斯的原則是盡力滿足客戶的交貨要求,但所有定單的交貨有時會受政府優先分配 政策的限制;由于火災、洪水、暴亂、罷工、禁運、運輸延誤、勞力不足、燃料缺乏、原料 短缺、電力不足、天災、公敵、現存的及將來出現的影響菲尼克斯業務運行的中央和地方的 法律法規(包括官方或同等機構頒發的所有規章制度)及菲尼克斯無法合理控制的其他原因 導致菲尼克斯未能履行定單,則菲尼克斯對此不負責任。

5. Prices quoted do not include the cost of any qualification test.


6. The price of any article in this contract is based on the contemplated delivery of the full quantity ordered, if this quantity is reduced for any reason, phoenix reserves the right to adjust the unit price.

6.合同中所有產品的價格以定單中全部數量的預期交貨為準,若數量因故減少,則菲尼克 斯有權調整單價。

7. Except for the tax, which shall be paid by Phoenix according to Chinese law, the prices stated herein do no include any additional fees or tax applicable to the sale, delivery or use of articles here under and the Buyer shall pay to Phoenix in addition to the prices herein specified, the amount of any such tax which may be impose upon or payable by Phoenix.

7.除中國法律規定應當由菲尼克斯承擔的稅金外, 本文所述價格不包括任何額外的因銷售、 提交、使用該產品所要交納的營業稅、消費稅、執照稅及類似稅款,若菲尼克斯需支付上述 稅費的,則買方應當支付給菲尼克斯。

8. Ownership of Tools-Except where otherwise specifically provided for, the tool charge quoted does not cover the entire cost and payment therefore does not cover title to the tools or the right to remove them from phoenix's possession. However, there will be no further charge for repairs, renewals, or maintenance as long as the tools are in active use, provided that Phoenix may dispose of such tools after a lapse of two years without a reorder.

8. 工具所有權:工具報價如無特殊說明,則不包括工具的全額成本,因此買方支付工具費 用不能轉移對工具的所有權,仍屬菲尼克斯所有。只要工具可正常使用,菲尼克斯在兩年后 未收到使用該工具的定單,轉讓該工具時不應對其征收額外的修理費、更新費或維修費。

9. Articles may be returned only with Phoenix's written consent. Such articles shall be returned in accordance with Phoenix shipping instructions; all returned shall be subject to a 10% minimum handling charge. Articles made upon special order to meet Buyer's requirements are not returnable.

9. 退貨需經菲尼克斯書面同意,否則不可退回,退貨應按菲尼克斯的貨運要求運回,并支 付最低10%的手續費,按買方要求專門制造的產品不可退貨。

10. Orders placed cannot be canceled by the Buyer, nor can deferred deliveries of goods made up or in process be extended beyond the original delivery date specified except with Phoenix's consent and upon terms hereinafter set forth. Phoenix reserves the right to process in advance all articles purchased on a deferred delivery basis. In the event that Phoenix should consent to accept cancellation of any order, adjustment shall be made by the following method:

10.買方取消定單或推遲交貨期必須經菲尼克斯同意,必須遵守下文所規定的條款,否則不 得取消定單,不能推遲交貨期。菲尼克斯對買方要求遲延交貨的產品保留所有權,若菲尼克 斯同意取消定單,需按下列條款操作:

1) All articles, which are completed and ready for delivery on the date that such cancellation becomes effective, will be paid for by the Buyer at the unit order price payable upon delivery to the Buyer.

1)若買方取消已生產完畢并準備發貨的產品,買方需在菲尼克斯交貨時按定單價格支付貨 款。

2) As to all such articles not so completed a ready for delivery, the Buyer shall have the option (with respect to all or any part thereof):


A) Of requiring completion and paying the unit price therefore, or


B) Of compensating Phoenix for the partially completed and uncompleted portion of the order.


(1) By reimbursing Phoenix for all actual expenditures made with respect to the partially completed and uncompleted portion of the order.

(1) 買方補償菲尼克斯在部分完成和未完成產品上的實際花費。

(2) By reimbursing Phoenix for all expenditures made in setting or discharging that portion

(2) 買方補償菲尼克斯處理定單取消的花費。

(3) By paying Phoenix as a profit on the partially completed and uncompleted portion of the order, a sum to be computed in the following manner:

(3) 買方支付菲尼克斯部分完成和未完成的產品一定的利潤, 利潤金額按下列方法計算:

(a) Estimate the profit which would have been realized by Phoenix on the partially completed and uncompleted portion of the order if the same had been completed and labor and materials costs prevailing at the date of termination had remained in effect;

(a) 估計菲尼克斯完成定單中部分完成和未完成的產品的生產應獲得的利潤,以及在合同中 止時剩余的勞動力成本和原材料費用。

(b) Estimate from the consideration of all relevant factors, the percentage of completion of the partially completed and uncompleted portion of the order; and

(b) 結合所有相關因素,估計部分完成和未完成的產品占定單總數的百分比。

(c) Multiply the anticipated profit as determined under (a) by this percentage determined under (b) the result is the amount to be paid to Phoenix as a proportionate of all share of profit as above provided.

(c) 用 (a) 中計算的預期利潤乘以 (b) 中顯示的百分比,積則是應按比例支付給菲尼克斯的 利潤。

11. Phoenix shall not be liable for any claims whatsoever, unless it shall have received from Buyer within 30 days from date of shipping, written notice of such claims specifying in detail and with reliable certainty all defects or defaults forming the basis of such claims. Buyer agrees thatPhoenix's liability for loss or damages on any claim of any kind, including, without limitation, negligence in manufacture, engineering or design, or breach of contract or warranty, is limited to an amount equal to the price of the items ordered. Additionally, again without limitation, Buyer further agrees that phoenix shall not be liable for any penalty or for an indirect, special, secondary,punitive, or consequential damages, such as loss of profits or revenue, loss of or damage to other equipment, or claims of third parties against the Buyer, all such liabilities being waived, discharged and released by Buyer. Buyer warrants that all items manufactured by Phoenix in accordance with specifications provided by Buyer shall be free of the rightful claim of any person arising from a patent or trademark, and the Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Phoenix harmless against any and all losses, damages, and costs including attorneys' fees, which it might incur as a result of the infringement, or alleged infringement, of any patent or trademark, resulting from its manufacturing activities in accordance with such specifications.

11.買方應在裝運日起30 天內書面通知菲尼克斯索賠,并以可靠證據詳細說明有關的缺陷,否則菲尼克斯對任何索賠均不負責任。由于菲尼克斯生產失誤、工程或設計錯誤而違約或違 反擔保,買方同意菲尼克斯應賠償買方定單中該產品的同等價格的損失;買方同意菲尼克斯 不支付罰款;由于間接原因、特殊原因、次要原因、懲罰性原因產生的損失(例如收入或利 潤的損失、其他設備的損失或損壞或第三方對買方的投訴),所有上述損失由買方承擔。買方保證菲尼克斯根據買方提供說明制造的產品均不引起專利或商標糾紛,若菲尼克斯根據買 方提供的說明書的生產行為侵犯或所謂侵犯任何的專利或商標,買方同意賠償菲尼克斯的所 有損失、損害及律師代理費,并保證菲尼克斯不承擔法律責任。

12. Variation in quantity- No variation in quantity will be accepted without prior approval of the Buyer.


13. Buyer agrees that if production tooling is removed from the premises of Phoenix, a tool-in production charge may be made in an amount equal to 40% of the initial tooling charge, it being agreed that the initial tooling charge did not include any engineering or design changes made in the course of molding buyer's parts more efficiently and this additional charge is imposed to cover such engineering and/or design changes. All prototype tooling becomes property of Phoenix.

13.若菲尼克斯轉讓生產工具,買方同意支付相當于工具原價格40%的費用,雙方同意工 具原價格不包括更有效的模制買方產品產生的更改工程設計的費用,如有更改設計,需征收 額外的費用, 所有的工具原型仍屬菲尼克斯所。

14. Tooling payment-33-1/3%of the net tooling charge must accompany the tooling order. 33-1/3% is due and payable upon completion of the tooling, and 33-1/3% is due and payable upon Buyer's approval of samples.

14.工具付款:工具定單中需附加33%的凈工具費用,并在工具生產完成時支付,以買方 接受樣品為準。

15. The rights and obligations of the parties pursuant to this order and the construction of the terms hereof shall be governed and controlled by the Laws and regulations of P.R China and the municipality of Shanghai.

15.本條款以及定單中所規定的雙方權利和義務均適用中華人民共和國和上海市的法律和法 規并按其進行解釋。

16. In the event Phoenix is required, in its sole judgment, to take legal action to enforce collection of any invoice issued pursuant to this contract, Buyer agrees to pay all costs of such delinquency and collection action, including interest on the balance outstanding from the date said sum becomes due, at the rate of 21% per annum, and including reasonable attorney fees and costs of collection.

16. 若菲尼克斯被迫通過訴訟手段強制收回的應收款項, 買方同意支付所有的逾期債款及托 收手續費, 包括貨款到期日起拖欠款項的利息 (年利息率為21%), 包括合理的律師代理費 及托收費用。

17. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

17. 若中英文本存有歧義, 概以英文版為準。

18. Any dispute arising from or in connection with this Terms and Conditions shall be submitted to China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Shanghai Sub-Commission for arbitration which shall be conducted in accordance with their arbitration rules in effect at the time of applying for arbitration. The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties.

18. 凡因本銷售條款引起的或與本銷售條款有關的任何爭議, 均應提交中國國際經濟貿易仲 裁委員會上海分會, 按照申請仲裁時該會現行有效的仲裁規則進行仲裁。 仲裁的結局是終 局的,對雙方均有約束力。


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