RF/Microwave Cable Assemblies

Shanghai Phoenix manufactures assemblies using standard flexible, semi-flexible, and semi-rigid cables, as well as high performance cables and connectors. Manufacturing and test capabilities extend to 40 GHz.  Semi-automated manufacturing equipment is used to process cable and CNC bending is used to manufacture semi-rigid cables.

In addition to standard cables and connectors, Shanghai Phoenix has design and application specialists to assist our customers with connector and cable selection to optimize performance and cost. For cables requiring exacting return loss or higher frequency performance, our design engineers can offer enhancements on standard connector designs to meet demanding electrical requirements. Phase matched cable assemblies can be manufactured from a variety of cable and connector choices. 

Cable Types                         Cable Size

Flexible Cable                       0.070”- 0.590”

Semi-Flexible Cable              0.047" - 0.250”

Semi-Rigid Cable                  0.034” - 0.250”

Low Loss Cables                   0.110”- 0.590”

High Performance                0.120”- 0.235”


We specialize in the following cable assembly applications:

? High Frequency

? Phase Matching

? Delay Lines

? Standard and High Performance Cables

? Custom Connector and Cable Designs